Telecommunications and Transportation

Introduction for BU of Telecommunications & Transportation:

Intelligent Transport System & Communication System Product
We provide engineering solutions in Communications, Plant and Traffic Management systems for roads, tunnels, expressway and security checkpoints. Besides, we also provide congestion management, safety managements, toll and access management and emergency response & operation services to the distressed motorized at the car parks. We have had completed numerous projects in Singapore over the years including LTA projects namely EMAS, VEP, Traffic Light System, KPE tunnels, CTE tunnels and Woodsville Interchange tunnels.

We are Sole Distributor for BFT Automation and Distribution Channel Gold Partner to NEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

  • We provide comprehensive BFT Automation system solutions for Automotive Doors, Automotive Pedestrians Doors, Telescopic Pedestrians Doors,
  • Also, we provide comprehensive BFT Automation system solution for U-Link network.
  • We stock and sell NEC business communications system with enhanced capabilities in VRS,Voice Mail, IP/VolP, ISDN, Wireless Mobility, Guard Alarm, Toll-free Gateway, Call Centre and Broadband Connectivity.
  • Also, we provide comprehensive solutions in sales and Service support for NEC equipment in Singapore.

Major projects undertaken recently

  • Remote Traffic Monitoring System (Sky Camera)
  • Relocation of EMAS equipment and construction of Travel Time Display (TTD) (Subcontract for LTA ER368)
  • Relocation of EMAS equipment and construction of new surveillance camera system (Subcontract for LTA ER391)
  • Relocation of EMAS equipment and Travel Information Display (TID) at ECP (Subcontract for LTA C487)
  • Operate and Manage HDB Car Parks (Jurong West, Bedok, Tampines and Punggol Branches)

Major projects undertaken in the past

  • Design and Build and Comprehensive Maintenance of KPE Communications System
  • Extension of EMAS in Singapore (EMAS-3) and comprehensive maintenance
  • Upgrading of Woodsville Interchange (Systems)
  • Upgrading Works for Plant Monitoring and Control System of CTE Tunnels
  • Maintenance and Installation of Traffic Signal System for a period of five years in the North Division of Singapore
  • Installation of NEC Communication System at Ministry of Education
  • Installation of NEC Communication System at Boustead Salcon Pte Ltd

Communication, Traffic Information and Control Systems – Woodsville Tunnel

Tunnel Plant and Control Management Systems

Communications System – KPE Tunnels

Communications System for Kallang-PayaLebar Expressway

Telecom Products
We offer a one-stop consultation, sales and services for communications equipment, security access and automation systems. The integrated applications cover voice mail, auto-attendant, security access using various interfaces such as contactless smartcard, variable message signboards, wireless automation, call centre, held desk as well as cctv security and surveillance systems. We stock NEC key telephone system including the latest SL1000 Smart Communication Server.

NEC Gold Partner Distributorship


With the experience as an Engineering solution provider, we have developed the capability with our partner BFT, Italy to serve the industrial needs in the following fields:

  1. Parking Barriers
  2. Bollards
  3. Automatic Door System
  4. Auto gate System – Swing or Sliding
  5. Automatic Roller Gate System
  6. Security
  7. Parking Station with E-Paymentslecom Products

Automatic Doors Vista SL

Clear opening:
From 750 to 2900 mm
Automation dimension:
From 1600 to 6000 mm
150Kg single leaf
120+120Kg double leaves
Dimension: 166x155

Automatic Doors Vista SW

Clear opening:
From 700mm to 1400mm
Maximum leaf weight:
250Kg for 700mm leaf
130Kg per leaf 1400mm
Dimension: 650 x 134 x 88

Parking Barriers Maxima Ultra

Three-phase induction motor
Control unit compatible with U-Link
Anti-vandal protection with connecting rod-crank system


Operator: Hidraulic Bollard
Voltage: 230V
Dimension: 1200 x 25 x 330

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